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Scale of pollution with empire state buildings


Last year alone created and landfilled 8.3 billion tons of plastic! That’s the equivalent of filling the Empire State Building 25,000 times!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with REBLOCKS

We are tackling the diversion and upcycling processes of recyclable plastic waste to create recycled end-products capable of revitalizing our state's infrastructures, both urban and rural.

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ReBlocks recycled plastic pellets


The origin of ReBlocks building materials is a simple pellet.  A composite formulation consisting of 100% recycled landfill plastic waste.  With this impactful pellet as our feedstock, the solution feels a lot closer.


Here’s how ReBlocks Works

Soil to Solution

Recycle, Rebuild, Reuse, Reblock


Our multi-function process combines recycling, processing, refinement and manufacturing into one local infrastructure supported by closed-looped regional supply chain networks.  

Conserving natural resources and diverting waste from landfills for 2nd life impact.

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person holding shredded plastic bits
Reblocks build in background with a partially built Reblocks wall


These blocks are durable and re-usable based on zero need for adhesives or screws.

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By implementing a circular economy, we can remove landfill plastics from our communities, relieving our landfills and farmlands' stresses while creating value from waste.

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Linear vs recycling vs circular economy
reblocks material components


Our blocks have an interlocking design; No adhesives or screws are required. Anyone can easily construct these blocks— requiring only a rubber mallet: zero skilled labor, zero water needed, zero waste on-site.

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About Us

All for one, one for all

Adam Dietrich

He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and enjoys golfing, skiing, playing with his kids, and being with family as much as possible.  Adam aims his daily focus on developing innovative design concepts, processes, and markets to up-cycle landfill plastic and organic waste into public good use.  

ReCycle, ReUse, ReBuild with ReBlocks!

picture of founder, Adam Dietrich


We are here to clarify any questions

Does it help the planet?

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We use 100% recycled materials to produce these building blocks. Each 200 sqft kit of the lightweight blocks keeps over 5,000 pounds of plastic out of our landfills, rivers, and oceans. Build a temporary shelter, shed, or retaining wall. The possibilities are endless! The block's modular design allows you to build whatever you want and is also easily deconstructed to be moved or rebuilt in another layout.

Is the plastic construction system anti-seismic?

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Our blocks are anti-seismic because they are assembled through tongue and groove, allowing a slight movement of the system returning to its position without affecting the construction's stability.

Is the plastic construction system heavier than the traditional one?

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Weight for every 200 sqft of the lighter ReBlocks building materials weighs approx. 5,000lbs (heavier block weighs approx. 7,500lbs). The lighter blocks allow for a reduction of costs in the platform, reinforcements, and transport of materials.

size comparison of Reblock's small and large blocks

How does the block behave when exposed to direct fire?

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The reaction of the block is to self-extinguish since we have developed a careful formulation generating a proven resistance to fire in the laboratory under the standard (ASTM E 1321).

What is a circular economy?

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A circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources.

circular economy

Can you build two-level houses?

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It is possible to build a two-level home as long as a soil analysis is completed and we have calculated the metal structure to be used according to the design.

two-level house

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